Eircode Services

Eircode Services

Eircode – How your business can crack the code

Did you know that 35% of addresses in Ireland are without a name or number? Launched in July 2015, Eircode (Ireland’s postcode system) makes finding each exact address across the country simple.


How can Eircode help my business?

Eircode can assist businesses in a wide range of ways such as helping to target customers more efficiently and guiding deliveries to reach the right location on time.


But Eircode can be used for so much more including:

Logistical benefits – Optimising routes and delivery schedules
Accuracy – Eircode provides more reliable addresses, with faster and more accurate address capture
Improved data management – Using Eircode, businesses can combine, clean and de-duplicate databases that come from different sources
Know your customer – Are you trying to reach your customer base? Eircode aids businesses in bettering their sales and marketing campaigns


Dataconversion Direct Eircode Service Offerings

By geocoding your address data, you can acquire the location intelligence needed to observe trends and patterns and create new opportunities to grow your business.
With this service you can examine your data on a granular level and become better acquainted with the needs of your customers.
When organising a door-to-door campaign, time management is everything. We’ll help you to plan your route, ensuring you reach as many potential customers as possible.
Address verification/validation
Correcting your data through the Eircode data set.
Database cleansing
Has your data got gaps in it? We can fill in the holes!
Direct mail/marketing
Ensuring effective and targeted direct mail campaigns.



For more information on the benefits of applying Eircodes to your customer database
please call (+353) 1 804 1298 or email: hello@dataconversion.ie