We offer complete management of your integrated marketing campaign including direct mail, email, SMS & MMS and the web

Using these effective channels of communication we will connect you to your customers. We can help you get closer to those that are most important to your organisation’s success whether they are clients, customers, members or donors. Whatever the nature of your marketing campaign and your preferred channels of communication we can help you save time, effort and money.


Our email services include:

Email Campaign Management

Offering complete management of your email campaigns from design & list management to delivery and reporting.

Reporting on campaign performance including Google Analytics data (website visits, goal conversions, transaction etc.).

Providing insights on current campaigns & recommendations for future campaigns.

Email List Management

Ensuring that you have a clean and accurate list of contacts by validating email addresses and updating database with unsusbcribes, bounces and invalid addresses.

Segmenting email sends based on recipient characteristics and past behaviour.

Using a double opt-in method for new online sign-ups.

Compliance with data protection legislation.

Responsive Email Design

Implementing responsive email templates to deliver the optimum web experience on all screen sizes, from smart phones to desktops and everything in between.

Optimising user experience by easy reading and navigation with minimum re-sizing, panning & scrolling.

Maximising email open rates and engagement using eye catching call to action banners.

Rigorous testing of email designs on multiple clients and most popular browsers.