Collect your customer data and build a database of vital business information

Data collection and capture should be the first step in building your customer or prospect database. Dataconversion Direct is a high-speed data entry bureau in operation for over 35 years. We can capture data from any format including mail, email and web responses. Our data entry team consists of highly skilled operators who are experts with Irish names and addresses. We can set up a team in your own office if it is inconvenient to send us your documents. For large volume work that does not require local knowledge, we can facilitate offshore capture.

We can collect common sources of customer data such as:

Mail Responses

Recording customer responses to your offers, invitations or calls to action in your mailing.

Recording and flagging ‘goneaways’ to save money on future mailings.

Competition Entries

Collecting data from competition entry forms.

Classifying your customers area of interest.

Voucher Redemptions

Recording the redemption of vouchers.

Measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.


Web Interactions

Monitoring and recording your customer interactions.

Noting your customer interests.

Responding to their requests for information.

Social Media

bullet Monitoring social media for relevant references to your company and your products.

Email Results

Tracking your email campaigns.

Measuring read and click through results.